Empowering Patients to Engage In Their Health

The Situation

In the past, patients would receive most of their information from their doctor’s mouth. But as the world becomes more virtual, patients are looking to the online world to seek answers, including engaging directly with brands online. Our client wanted to use social media to reach new customers, then engage with early adopters to build their brand’s perception in the minds of patients.

Our Approach

After first mapping out a rich profile of target patients and their wants/needs, we then went about developing a detailed plan to leverage both paid and organic social media channels to effectively reach potential customers, including leveraging Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube.

On the organic side, we built out online company profiles and a social media calendar that included relevant, sharable content that mixed both educational and promotional components. By then integrating and promoting those efforts in other marketing channels, we were able to jumpstart the followers for the client’s social account.

Most importantly, we set up a team and process to monitor, moderate and analyze social engagement. This not only enabled patients to get timely responses to questions or comments, but also allowed the company to mine customer data so they could better understand and amplify customer likes about the brand, while also quickly addressing any concern points before they grew online.

The Result: Combining the power of both organic and paid initiatives, we were able to build the online customer base to over 10,000 patients in less than a year, far exceeding customer expectations. This approach can benefit any company looking to engage customers, whether for promotional, educational or research purposes.