Turning Pitch Decks Into Dollars

The Situation

Our client, Prisma Imaging, a start-up in the equine veterinary industry, developed a novel robotic imaging technology that represented a “game-changer” for how horses were diagnosed and treated. Current imaging technology necessitated the horse to be anesthetized, which is costly, required numerous personnel and potentially dangerous for the horse. As a result of these shortcomings, this critically important diagnostic was severely underutilized, depriving the patient of better care and a safer, more humane existence. Prisma’s technology solves these deficiencies by offering the only system that can deliver a comprehensive diagnostic solution with the ability to perform radiographic and CT imaging of the entire anatomy of a fully-conscious, upright-standing horse. However, the equine veterinary industry is slow to adopt new technology which created a challenge for Prisma.

Our Approach

We conducted a thorough analysis of the equine imaging market, projected the potential market size for this new device, and helped Prisma model financial scenarios to communicate a market valuation that was both fair and defensible. We then created a pitch deck that told the Prisma story in a way that made sense to both investors that were horse enthusiasts, as well as those that knew very little about horses. Then, unlike any other marketing agency, we helped identify potential investors and sat in on pitch meetings with our client to ensure success.


Through our efforts, the client was able to secure a lead investor for its seed round in venture funding to help complete the system’s development, mitigating significant risk, while displaying a clear path to commercialization.