Crushing the Metrics for Success

The Situation

In press releases, the time frame to measure success is four weeks, and here are average numbers that clients should expect to see after a complete four-week run:

  • Pickup (verbatim, exact-match postings of the release): 150 – 200.
  • Traffic (views and web hits): 5,000 – 7,000
  • Engagement (click-throughs and shares): 200 -250

Our Approach

For a MedTech client, instead of limiting ourselves to static press releases, we created a multi-media campaign featuring the announcement release, product fact sheet, and company backgrounder as well as downloadable videos and images featuring the product, usage, and testimonials. We also contracted with a popular syndicated TV broadcast, Coffee With America, for a 60-second, one-time program that – over a one-week period – would provide 950 airings on affiliates across the U.S. and reach 2.75 million viewers.


In less than one week, our campaign crushed every metric for success that is established for four-week campaigns, putting us in the 92nd percentile for pickups and the 98th percentile for traffic and engagement.

  • Pickup (verbatim, exact-match postings of the release): 219
  • Traffic (views and web hits): 33,365
  • Engagement (click-throughs and shares): 576

Also, we had contracted for one 60-second story on Coffee with America. This story was so compelling that they produced a two-minute segment instead, and aired on affiliates more than 2,850 times over three weeks, reaching a total of 8.25 million viewers.