Driving New Customer Acquisitions by Increasing SEO

The Situation

One of the most common requests we receive from clients is “How do I get my website on the first page of Google searches?” or “How do I get new customers to find my website?” Part of the solution is usually a SEM strategy (think paid ads), but an important long-term part of the equation is search engine optimization or SEO. One of our past clients had a website that was not ranking anywhere in the first 2 pages of Google, and engaged our services with the goal of ranking on the first page. So, we got to work.

Our Approach

We started by analyzing their ideal keywords, running an SEO audit of their website, and running a competitive analysis against their top competitors. Our team launched new weekly blogs for our client, as well as a super landing page curated to feature the most popular blog entries.

Only 4 weeks after launching the new SEO initiatives, we started seeing their search engine ranking already climbing closer to the first page. A year later, the client now ranks on the first page of their target keywords, leading to a 40x gain in organic visitors.

The Mind Machine difference came down to the flow of our work. Our team is used to working with regulatory and compliance teams, and our expert copywriters are accustomed to writing about medical devices. This allowed us to integrate directly with our client’s own regulatory and compliance teams, meaning we managed the entire editorial process in a way that custom-integrated into our client’s internal operations. Finding that type of expertise and flexibility with a marketing agency is rare. Hiring our team allows you to focus on the other parts of your business while giving us room to help your team succeed.

The Result: After a SEO nurture campaign with weekly blogs, SEO best practices, and super landing pages built out, we increased our client’s organic website visitors by 40-fold!