The Situation

Our client was working with payers to review contract terms and conditions. But they did not have the internal infrastructure or the resources to support contract offer development activities and contract review. Despite their lack of experience, they wanted the ability to track offers and share progress with leadership and investors.

What Mind Machine did

Initially, We reviewed the market and competitive landscape to give our client strategic options to gain broad market access without having to significantly discount the price. This included a review of preferred, non-preferred, tiered formulary positions. We then developed strategic options for achieving reimbursement, evaluated drivers of payer decisions, and correlated them with strategic options. After we estimated the market potential of each strategy, we recommended the best one to move forward with.

We then developed a customer proposal template that our client could use with payers. We supported them with recommendations to be included in their proposal, including contract position and pricing. We also reviewed customer agreements, and highlighted areas our client should be concerned about from a business perspective.

Finally, we developed a contract tracker for the client account management team with data fields that let them report on key metrics for success.

The Result: Our client received our competitive pricing recommendations, and pursued pharmacy programs to lower out-of-pocket costs for patients at launch. This program was rolled out at Walgreens, CVS and other top tier retailers – totaling some 30,000 stores, where the product’s launch was seen as highly successful.