Optimizing Investor Pitches to Drive Renewed Interest

The Situation

Our client is developing a novel immunotherapy platform that aims to transform how food allergies are treated. Their solution addresses a large market with significant unmet need, however they were having trouble getting traction with investors. Unfortunately, an earlier competitive product using a different MOA hadn’t lived up to expectations, so some investors were reluctant to invest in the allergy space. Despite significant product differences, our client was having a difficult time overcoming these entrenched investor beliefs and market headwinds.

Our Approach

We started by gathering voice of customer in order to better understand how both the category and our client’s product were currently perceived. We used those insights to rebuild the value story and pitch deck from the ground up, focusing on 3 key points:

  • The enduring attractiveness of the market opportunity, especially given the lack of other good treatment options
  • The significant differentiators of our client’s product vs. competition, to reframe them as an entirely new entrant/category
  • The transformative, market-changing potential of this new technology—offering the possibility to reinvent how food allergies are managed for millions of people

The Result

Investors viewed our client’s product in a new light, breaking free from the competitive headwinds previously experienced. This opened the door to discussions with a number of interested investors.