Carving out a Winning Space in a Competitive Market

The Situation

Our client had an innovative medical device, but one that was entering into a mature, highly competitive market. Consumers and healthcare prescribers did not see much difference between existing products, and they had largely lost interest in the category. Mind Machine was challenged by the client with helping craft a launch plan to spark renewed interest in both the category and their product.

Our Approach

We started by mining customer insights to formulate the optimal way to position and message the product in the market—to ensure that its value was strongly connected to unmet needs that consumers, healthcare professionals and payers still faced every dayTo carve out a winning place in the market, we created a “new category” in the minds of customers, a novel way for them to see the brand as something revolutionary and different.  This differentiated positioning—the foundation of the brand—was then effectively brought to life through compelling creative and engaging digital campaigns. 

The brand positioning and message outperformed category benchmarks and exceeded customer expectations when tested in research. And when translated into action via a digital campaign, it delivered e-commerce revenues that were 12X what the client had forecasted.