A successful brand is one that connects

The Situation

Our client came to us wanting to carve out a brand position and identity in a mature category where nothing truly stood out — i.e. they needed to figure out not only how to differentiate their brand, but also communicate to people why that differentiation even mattered.

Our Approach

We started by digging deep into the hearts and minds of our client’s target customers, uncovering their deep-seated wants, needs and challenges. We then married that with an in-depth understanding of our client’s goals and what makes their brand unique. Those hard-won insights were ultimately used to craft a highly differentiated and ownable brand position in the market, which were brought to life through innovative creative that formed the backbone of all brand communications, including:

  • Brand & Style Guide
  • Messaging Architecture
  • Digital Advertising Campaigns
  • Website
  • Email Acquisition/Nurture Campaigns
  • Promotional Brochures
  • Sales Aid
  • Lifestyle Photography
  • How-To Videos

The Result

The revised brand positioning and messaging claims scored off the charts in consumer and HCP quantitative market research.

  • 70%+ purchase intent among its top 3 target audiences.
  • 80%+ agreement with the top 3 claims among potential consumers.
  • 80%+ of all core HCP specialties in the category rating a high likelihood of recommending the product to their patients.

This outpaced category norms and client expectations, which led to a real-world increase in product awareness by 1200% and 73% in lead generation.