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Prepare to Scale Efficiently With Digital Solutions for MedTech

By: Mitty Chang | 5 min read

Whether you’re gearing up for a product launch or expanding your content creation, connecting with your audience is essential. This requires a robust digital marketing approach at every point of your organization’s journey. From planning your Medtech launch to scaling your business, here are insights on best practices and current momentum in the MedTech industry.

Creating your MedTech launch plans

A clear understanding of your audience is the foundation for any digital marketing strategy – but for MedTech companies, the discovery phase can be a little tricky. On one hand, your brand may sell directly to healthcare organizations. However, you must keep the needs of the patients who will benefit from your products front and center.

Medtech content marketing, then, may encompass both B2B and B2C content. And as patients increasingly seek to learn about and engage with brands online, MedTech companies need to have a public-facing approach to marketing, even if they themselves typically work directly with healthcare professionals (HCPs).

Whether you’re introducing your organization to the world for the first time or launching a new product, your branding needs to be on point. This includes everything from your logo to your website, to the style guide that will set the tone for your messaging. Investing time and research into these various elements will help set you up for success.

A look at the momentum in the MedTech industry

Before creating your launch marketing plans or expanding your digital content, it’s important to understand patient and HCP values. A recent study¹ interviewed executives from MedTech and pharma to examine the major factors driving industry developments. Some key takeaways: 

As patients increasingly adopt virtual care, wearables, and other digital healthcare tools, engagement with healthcare brands will become more integrated into their everyday rhythms. For MedTech companies, this creates the need for innovative products and communication that informs and connects. 

Exploring digital solutions for MedTech

There are seemingly endless ways to find information these days, like blogs, social media, email, video, and podcasts. Patient expectations are evolving, and so are the needs of HCPs. At the same time, information overload and online fatigue strain many. Digital solutions for your MedTech organization are aplenty, but they must be used wisely and efficiently.

A digital strategy is essential for MedTech launch plans and future growth, and it should encompass both creative content and behind-the-scenes research. For example, keyword research can help your team better understand your audience’s interests and concerns. Social media will continue to be a powerful tool to exemplify the benefits of your product. And as we highlighted in our recent e-commerce customer retention blog, a timely email marketing strategy can help ensure your content is dropping into inboxes at the right time.

HCPs are also seeking to engage through digital channels. Along with video sales meetings, consider SEO and paid search to increase your brand’s visibility. Long-form content like white papers and annual reports provide opportunities to dive into the details of your services. Of course, your sales team and customer success agents will also need to be aligned with these initiatives. Implementing a CRM can help optimize and organize the process.

Create thoughtful compliance messaging

This might be an area of your messaging where creative planning might seem especially difficult, but it’s possible. With extensive regulations across the MedTech industry, the fine print of compliance must be equally comprehensive. But beyond contracts and technical manuals, your marketing channels can be prime destinations to communicate your organization’s values and progress in a compelling way.

This may look like a social media post or press release announcing a recent FDA approval, for example, or thought leadership content shared on LinkedIn. The Advanced Medical Technology Association (AdvaMed) provides a Compliance & Ethics hub, offering a host of guidance and training resources for MedTech companies and HCPs. In addition to the information presented, the site itself reflects a creative approach to compliance messaging. The page is welcoming and engaging.

Keep cybersecurity top of mind

Along with regulations and compliance best practices, cybersecurity initiatives should be implemented throughout your operations. Cybersecurity is essential to the safety and efficiency of medtech products – but it also plays a key role in safeguarding patient data. And while a strong IT infrastructure is critical, the way you communicate your endeavors to providers and patients is just as important.

A recent cybersecurity report² surveyed 3,000 respondents from the US, UK, and Canada. Their findings offer important insights to any organizations’ digital strategy:

As the growth of the MedTech industry reflects, many patients are keen on innovative technology and digital tools that can streamline their healthcare management. However, data privacy and online safety is a concern for many.

In addition to putting actual safety measures in place (and providing digital safety training to your team), be sure to let your clients and customers know about your cybersecurity endeavors. Whether you’re providing helpful MFA guidance on your app or creating content for October’s international Cybersecurity Awareness Month, proactive messaging can help build trust and bring peace of mind.

MedTech companies need a dynamic digital strategy

The MedTech industry is poised to play a key role in digital transformation across the healthcare industry as a whole. Yet with so much to consider, from patient engagement to compliance and cybersecurity, mapping out your goals can be an overwhelming process. We’re here to help. Connect with our team to discover how we can support you.


¹Digital Health and MedTech: New Signals for Transformation, Accenture; ² Oh, Behave! The Annual Cybersecurity Attitudes and Behaviors Report 2022, National Cybersecurity Alliance.

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